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Research and Documentation

Our Collection

With several hundred thousand archival documents, Info-Cult’s specialized library is unique in Canada.

Its vast collection holds a wide variety of documents coming from different sources and based on various approaches and perspectives. They cover subjects related to cultic phenomena or to different kinds of groups (religious, political, personal growth, etc.), with regard to their ideology, worldview, structure, external and internal dynamics, etc.

The library contains:

  • more than 3,000 books;
  • thousands of articles from newspaper and magazine from all over the world;
  • hundreds of research reports, theses and dissertations;
  • government reports, legal documents and decisions from different countries;
  • more than 1,200 hours of programs and reports in audio and video formats;
  • documents from various primary sources (group literature, biographies, etc.).

Some of these documents can be consulted online on our online library page by using the research tool.

To access other documents, please contact us.

Assistance to Students and Researchers

With its extensive network and its specialized documentation centre, Info-Cult’s expertise is regularly called upon for information about groups, beliefs or cultic phenomena.

In order to promote the study and advancement of knowledge related to these topics, Info-Cult can also facilitate the transmission of calls for participants for research projects.

To submit such a request, please fill in this form.

You can also write to recherche@infosecte.org for more details.


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