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Info-Cult is recognized for its expertise and the quality of its services, particularly in the support offered to families and people affected by cultic phenomena. The organization pursues its mission to inform the public and continues to promote research and reflection on group dynamics in order to more effectively intervene when needed.

Much like the groups it observes, Info-Cult has experienced many changes since its founding in 1980, whether in terms of its:

  • name;
  • structure and operation;
  • funding;
  • clientele and services provided;
  • network.

A more in-depth examination of the history of the organization and its beginnings makes it possible to better understand its development and the transformations of its perspective on cultic phenomena. It is also possible to consult a selection of press clippings HERE.

This section includes some of the defining moments of Info-Cult.


Along with a decline in traditional religious institutions as well as a certain undermining of normative values, the last century has witnessed a change in religious institutions, paving the way for a rise in new forms of religiosities or various spiritual quests. These changes were also accompanied by a marked growth in the number of groups with different callings (religious, spiritual, political, therapeutic, etc.). During the 1960s, the proliferation of these groups sparked public curiosity and a need for information. One wonders what is attractive about these groups, especially among young adults, whose lifestyle tends to change radically following contact with a group. Towards the end of the 1970s, concerns about “cults” increased following various tragedies, notably that of Jonestown (in Guyana) where 918 people died in 1978.


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