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Help and Information

As a front-line community organization, Info-Cult is an essential resource to assist those who need help or information regarding cultic phenomena.

Since its founding, Info-Cult receives different kinds of requests:

  • help and advice;
  • specific assistance or general support;
  • conflict resolution;
  • referrals to or from professional resources;
  • information about various groups, beliefs or cultic phenomena.

The request for its services comes from all walks of life:

  • families and loved ones;
  • former or active members of various groups;
  • stakeholders working in public or community organizations;
  • health care professionals;
  • representatives of government agencies;
  • media (radio, television, newspapers or others);
  • students, educators or researchers;
  • lawyers or legal experts;
  • police or public security services;
  • filmmakers or documentarians;
  • schools, businesses, landlords, etc.

Some religious beliefs and practices can sometimes come into conflict with established standards in various settings. At times, such situations can be dealt with in court (even up to the Supreme Court of Canada) and become widely publicized, as was the case during the “reasonable accommodation” controversy in Quebec at the turn of the 2000s. Over the years, Info-Cult has responded to the concerns of citizens about various groups or communities. Its expertise and nuanced approach have contributed to reach peaceful solutions or concerted adjustments and help avoid potential legal pitfalls in several situations:


  • religious holidays or otherwise;
  • working conditions;
  • blood transfusions, vaccination and other medical matters;
  • clothing, religious or other symbols;
  • behaviours, practices;
  • schooling;
  • diet.



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