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TOP DOCUMENTARY FILMS – The Strange World of Breatharianism


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Breatharianism is a type of belief system started by Jasmuheen… that hypothesizes and claims to prove that humans can live without consuming solid foods. She called the process “Living on Light”. She became very popular and a lot of her followers found her through her website.

Her beliefs came under massive scrutiny when several of her followers began to die from adapting the lifestyle she promoted. Even while people died, she emphasized her promotion of personal responsibility where she always encouraged her followers to keep in mind their own limitations and the need to make responsible decisions about how far they were willing to take the practice.

It prompted her to be featured on the 60 minutes television program, which essentially meant she gained even more attention and that her practice came under enough scrutiny for her to personally prove that the ideas she promoted in her book would actually work. She even received the Ig Nobel prize, a satirical parody of the true Nobel Prize, which means she joined the likes of L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology and the new age guru Deepak Chopra.

Another popular proponent of the practice, Naveena Shine supported Jasmuheen in the aftermath of the public scrutiny that came after the 60 minutes interview. Even though she also had a popular following, she also could not tangibly articulate where Jasmuheen’s daily sustenance came from. She also tried to maintain a public live stream to prove that the process could work with self-management.

Despite the opposition, they continued their practice and others with similar belief systems became popular as well. Personalities who became popular based on this system usually advocated some specific form of the practice. It meant people always found it fascinating as it is always with the controversy.



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